A & E departments demand return of zoom ball

zoom ballzoom ball

Underworked Accident and Emergency departments are asking that children resume playing with 80’s favourite ‘zoom ball’ again.

Hand and knuckle specialists have seen their work drop off since the game, where children shoot a plastic rugby-shaped ball back and forth between themselves, became less popular. Doctor Peter Thape qualified in 1978 specifically to deal with the horrific knuckle injuries that the toy caused, but Thape has found himself almost redundant in the modern era.

‘I mostly just sit at the back in A & E now, bored; dealing with an occasional sore-fingered kid that’s been over-texting,’ said Doctor Thape.

‘I used to be the king in here. Looking after Clackers, Conkers and Zoom Ball injuries. Kids don’t know how to injure each other anymore,’ added Doctor Thape.