All Londoners stabbed or shot

lonLightly-wounded civilians and troops attempt to push their way aboard a South Vietnamese evacuation helicopter hovering over a stretch of Highway 13 near An Loc in Vietnam on June 25, 1972. (AP Photo)

The last few people are fleeing London for the safety of Syria in a bid to avoid the inevitable murders that are rocking the capital.

Helicopters are hovering over the embassy, picking up the last few cockneys who have bravely fought their way into the refuge of the government building.

Londoner, Peter Thape has managed to get his family out to the ganglands of Mexico, where the chances of being shot are significantly less than in London.

‘We were caught between going to Kabul, Mosul or Baghdad; we might still end up in Somalia,’ said Thape.

‘We just want a stable place for the children to grow up in,’ added Thape.