All penises to be removed to stop any further sexual harassment

men1B1KE1B Naked Man Toy Doll. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

God, one of the leading characters in The Bible, has decided to produce all future males without a penis to stop further cases of sexual harassment.

God’s plan to entrust the ownership of male genitalia to the men has clearly backfired with news trickling out each day of more appalling and inappropriate behaviour.

Local penis owner, Peter Thape (39) has seen the new male body, (pictured above) and the plans for wives and partners to keep hold of the penis until it’s needed.

‘I’m happy with the new body. It looks pretty nice, almost maintenance free,’ said Thape.

‘Plus, my wife keeping my penis until needed, is pretty much the situation we’ve already got,’ added Thape.