At last! George Alagiah to bring out a Christmas album


The long-awaited new George Alagiah album is set for release on Monday, and completes the list of people who are on TV, who feel the need to record a load of shit songs.

Newsreader Alagiah was the only remaining TV personality who has not made an album, following the recent releases of Alexander Armstrong, Bradley Walsh, and Sheridan Smith.

Alagiah will record simple Christmas ballads for this first album, but plans to release Swing with Alagiah in the New Year, followed by Alagiah sings Sinatra especially in time for The Oscars.

‘It’s nice to know that there are so many idiots around that buy these wank TV personality albums,’ said Alagiah.

‘Singing’s better than reading the news; I hate that job, it’s dead boring and serious,’ added Alagiah.