Boris urges Tesco to use BRITISH prison slave labour instead

--FILE--Young Chinese inmates attend a book donation ceremony at an underage labor camp in Fuzhou city, southeast Chinas Fujian province, 16 June 2009. Meng Jianzhu, who became secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee in November, said at a national law and order work conference that the re-education through labour, or laojiao, system would be halted after the move was rubber-stamped by the National Peoples Congress in March. The remarks were first reported by the bureau chief of the Legal Daily, the Justice Ministrys official mouthpiece, and were picked up by state media outlets. An official who attended the event confirmed Mengs comments. But state media sent mixed signals about the policy. A Xinhua report on the conference said only that authorities had pledged to reform the system, and some analysts noted that Meng spoke of halting rather than abolishing the laojiao system.

Boris Johnson has insisted that Tesco use British slave labour to manufacture their goods, instead of using Chinese.

Boris asked that Tesco think ‘British’ first, and use our own slaves until Brexit kicks in, at which point Tesco will be free to make new deals with slaves all over the world.

Tesco chief Exec, Peter Thape has apologized for using slaves that are outside the European Union.

‘Our priority was to keep costs as low as possible,’ said Thape.

‘This is not a slant on using British Prisoners, who as we know, are the best prisoners in the world,’ added Thape.