Clampdown on errant windscreen wash


Drivers who spray the car behind them with an over-aggressive windscreen wash will be asked to collect the excess water/chemical mixture at the first opportunity.

The Ministry of Transport is looking to set up check points at junctions; traffic lights still being the point at which most people offend. Felonious drivers will be offered a chance to collect the soap/biochemical mixture from the victim’s car or alternatively, attend a 3 day training course. Ministry of Transport spokesman, Peter Thape is hoping that fines can be avoided.

‘Although a fine may be appropriate, we’re hoping that a gentle re-education of the driver will be more effective over the long term,’ said Thape.

‘We will, however, definitely be introducing fines for drivers who have their windscreen wipers on as they approach on the other side of the road, especially when you think it’s already stopped raining – that’s a definite,’ added Thape.