Cliff Richard definitely n*t a sex offender


Cliff Richard is definitely not a sex offender, but the public are clearly getting concerned that mocking, satirical websites are fostering an area of ambiguity.  

Local burgeoning satirical website, Cutting News have added to the haziness on the subject by drawing attention to Cliff Richard not being a sex case, in an article that featured on April 12th 2018.

Cutting News reader, Peter Thape  has admitted that he’s more concerned by old people still adding an ‘S’ to Cliff’s surname, and calling him Cliff Richards – which is wrong.

‘I don’t think he’s a sex offender, but I do wish he’d admit that his hair is not right, for a man of his age,’ said Thape.

‘Suppose we’ll find out about it all when he’s dead, like the rest of them,’ added Thape.