Clintons deny selling cards for ‘Punish a Muslim Day’


As news breaks of letters dropping on doormats asking for a ‘Punish a Muslim Day,’ Clintons have denied that they’ll be pursuing the opportunity to sell cards and small gifts for the day.

Clintons have distanced themselves from the distasteful letters, but have admitted that there is now an unfortunate gap of nearly three weeks until they start to sell Happy Easter nonsense.

Clintons spokesman, Peter Thape pointed out that their new range of diverse cards does now include, ‘Congratulations on your first period,’ ‘Sorry your parents got divorced,’ and ‘You weren’t expecting haemorrhoids, were you?’

‘I’m disappointed that the public believed that we would sell the ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ cards,’ said Thape.

‘Maybe you can buy one in Card Factory,’ added Thape.