Co-operative Funeralcare to sponsor ‘The Jump’

skiMatjaz Pungartar of Slovenia competes during FIS World Cup Planica Flying Hill Individual Ski Jumping on the March 19, 2015 in Planica, Slovenia.

The new Channel Four series of The Jump has attracted sponsorship from the nation’s leading burial company.

The new series begins at the end of January, and this season’s contestants are sure to be tempted by the co-op’s big bereavement bonus. The chances of dying on the show are quite high, with gymnast Beth Tweddle only narrowly missing out last year. Viewing figures have never been higher for the show, and TV executive Peter Thape is aware that a TV death is the ultimate finale for a reality star.

‘Death will bring huge rewards for the winner,’ said Thape.

‘We’ve come a long way. Whoever thought they would eat insect larvae, and animal genitalia? Death seems inevitable. And it won’t stop there; eventually we’ll watch them kill each other.’ Thape added.