Couple rescued after 75 years in a glacier, ask to be refrozen


A Swiss couple who were plucked from a glacier after 75 years have had a good look around at the world we live in today, and asked to go back into the ice again.  

Petre Thape and his wife went to round up their cattle in 1942, and had not been seen since, before yesterday’s momentous discovery.

Despite Hitler being in charge of Europe at the time of their time of disappearance, the Thape’s have decided that things haven’t got much better in the time that they’ve been frozen.

‘We liked the mobile phone – that’s a pretty good invention; but the rest of it, you can keep,’ said Thape.

‘We watched an episode of Love Island, and decided we’d seen enough. Stick us back in the freezer, thanks,’ added Thape.