Court rules against listening to your child’s dreams


Parents everywhere are celebrating after learning that they no longer have to listen to their child’s lengthy and jumbled recollection of a previous night’s dream.

The European Court ruled against 6 year old Bobby Thape, who had claimed that his mother had only been pretending to enjoy the narrative of his disjointed dream. Bobby took the legal action after noticing his mother offered an occasional ‘right’ during his retelling of the dream, and failed to ask pertinent questions. Laura Thape (37) was pleased to have won the four-month court battle.

‘I truly love Bobby, and want to nurture his imagination, and obviously adore the time we spend together,’ began Laura Thape.

‘But…I can’t stand any more of it. His dreams are just so….arghh. This could gift me back 15 minutes a day.’ Thape added.