Dentists and Nail Technicians furious with face mask ban in Hong Kong

TO GO WITH AF STORY BY Mariette LE ROUX (FILES) In a file picture taken on March 31, 2003, people wear masks on the street to protect against a deadly pneumonia virus in Hong Kong. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was the first "new" disease of the 21st century to jump from an animal host to humans, then easily from one person to another. AFP PHOTO / Peter PARKS / FILESPETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images

Those people who work in dental surgeries, and nail salons have been angered by the Chinese decision not to allow face masks in Honk Kong.

Dentists, hygienists, and the girl that puts the sucky thing in your mouth may not be able to work until the ban is lifted.

Equally, women who like to apply a face mask in preparation for a ‘night out’ are feeling the weight of the new legislation.

‘I put me face mask on before I get in the bath; gets rid of most of me moustache,’ said local girl, Murial Hislop

‘That ban better not come over here,’ added Hislop.