Dogs told to leave the internet alone

dog dresseddog dressed

Dogs have been warned to stop trying to get on the internet, and reminded that it is truly a place for cats.

Three year old Chihuahua, Peter Thape has seen his intended internet career flounder after a promising start. His antics, which include getting a box caught on his head, falling off the sofa, and opening a door handle earned some early ‘likes,’ but enthusiasm for his site appears to have plateaued. Meanwhile, footage of his feline friend, Tiddles sneezing has been viewed 200 million times.

‘One of the comments on my site really upset me – it said…It looks like you’re trying too hard, mate,’ said Chihuahua, Thape.

‘I’m going to wear a cat mask on my next caper; if that’s not click bait, I don’t know what is?’ added Thape