Driverless Lorries to have a man on board…What, like a driver?


The new proposed convoy of driverless lorries will have a driver in the first lorry, and a man in each of the following lorries, sounding a little bit like the system we already have.

Lorry Driver’s Union boss, Peter Thape had initially feared that his members would face job cuts with the revolutionary plans, but is now warming to the idea.

Thape believes that the new role for drivers of sitting around just in case of emergencies, will give the drivers more time to concentrate on eating fat, murdering prostitutes, and looking into women’s crotches from a good height.

‘These new plans should help our drivers swipe through Tinder without having to be occasionally distracted by the road, like they do now,’ said Thape.

‘A few of them are disappointed that the lorries are behind each other, instead of alongside for 35 miles,’ added Thape.