Driving Instructor admits he doesn’t really understand roundabouts

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A qualified driving instructor, who’s been driving for 35 years, has conceded that there is no real way to correctly turn right at a roundabout.

Peter Thape (53) has confessed that the final bit, where you need to move across the lanes to come off on the left is pretty much, made up. Thape says that he has been pretending there’s a correct way to do it for years, and will chastise errant ‘learners’ depending on whether or not he likes them, or thinks they’re a cock. Thape further admits that he doesn’t even bother teaching mini roundabouts.

‘There’s no point doing the mini ones. Give way to the right? It’s a bloody circle, you can all be sat there for hours,’ said Thape.

‘I don’t really know how to turn right on the big ones. I just go for it, and hope it works out,’ added Thape.