Elon Musk announces that moon can be seen from your bedroom window


Elon Musk’s £100 million offer of taking you nearer to the moon, is struggling to compete with the Argos end of catalogue clearance price for binoculars at £19.99.

Musk’s billion pound rocket, doesn’t even land you on the moon, so that you can have your Neil Armstrong moment…One small step etc etc.

Local man, Peter Thape can see the moon from his bathroom window, unless his wife’s had a bath, and then everything’s piss wet through, including the mirror, for ages.

‘Nah, you can keep your moon, Musk,’ said Thape.

‘Probably still get some stewardess with a load of make-up on in a spacesuit, twatting my knee with her space trolley,’ added Thape.