Emergency northern speech therapist brought into London Zoo

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Regent Park’s historic London Zoo have been forced to call in an emergency northern speech therapist following a productivity study of its staff.

Peter Thape from Burnley has been brought in to help the staff say their words quicker, and subsequently get through their work more efficiently. The problem had started in the Africa enclosure, where staff were found to be taking several seconds to say the word ‘Grass.’ Additionally, those in the Giraffe House were taking between 9 and 12 seconds to say the word ‘giraffe’ fully.

‘In a northern zoo, they’re looking to say the word giraffe in as little as 2 seconds,’ said Speech Therapist Peter Thape.

‘Here in London zoo, if a giraffe needs a bath, they can lose the member of staff for up to half a day as they labour over those tricky words,’ added Thape.