Employers cracking down on toilet cubicle favouritism


Britain’s bosses are to stop the practice of workers choosing a preferred toilet cubicle at work, believing nationwide costs to have spiralled over the two billion pounds mark.

Employees are each losing an average of four working days per year walking in to the toilets to discover that somebody else is using their favoured cubicle. Companies have calculated that it will be cheaper to employ toilet guards rather than have workers pretend to wash their hands repeatedly, or pontificate in front of the mirror. Murial Hislop (27) works at a call centre, and fears the changes.

‘I use the second one from the right. It feels like mine. I know it’s not, but if I just use that one, somehow I can blank out the hundreds of others that sit on it,’ said Hislop.

‘I never, ever want to know who’s been on it before me. If I accidently find out, I’m physically sick,’ added Hislop.