Fifty Shades producers admit that they forgot ‘back hair’


The makers of Fifty Shades Darker, have accepted that they failed to make Jamie Dornan’s muscular back look realistic when they omitted back hair.

Dornan’s character also fails to have the inexplicable hair on his shoulders that comes to men on their 32nd birthday. Critics of the film’s special effects team have equally pointed out that Dornan has no rash on his stomach where his trousers have been rubbing, or a sweaty red spot on his arm that won’t seem to disappear despite sticking loads of cream on. Peter Thape worked for the film’s visual effects team.

‘We green screened Dornan on most stuff, I admit. CGI’d all the imperfections,’ said a rueful Thape.

‘We thought women preferred a hairless back, but we’ve realised our error,’ added Thape.