Formula one prostitutes on a fast-track to handing out cubes of cheese at Asda


Formula one grid girls look likely to miss out on the ‘Standing still and looking pretty’ stage of their career, and straight on to the supermarket promotions.

Formula one grid girl, Murial Hislop (21) is saddened by the idea that she may never get to be photographed standing next to a group of hospitality lubricated businessmen again.

Hislop faces returning to Hooters bar, dancing on a podium, or inevitably offering giddy shoppers a thimble full of some nauseous new liquor.

‘I’ll probably get straight into the supermarket thing. You know, speaking to lonely people that are shopping in the daytime,’ said Hislop.

‘It’s more or less the same job as Formula One – just two hours more make-up,’ added Hislop.