GCSE student uses new grading system to avoid a proper bollocking


Little Bobby Thape, who has done terribly in his GCSE’s, has used the new numbered grading system of 1-9 to avoid an expected roasting from his mum and dad.

Little Bobby returned, with his results slip from school, to delicately tell his mum and dad about his grade one in Maths, and grade two in English.

Having sensed the look of confusion on his dad’s face, Little Bobby apologised for not getting a full house of grade one’s, before his proud dad booked a celebratory table at Nando’s.

‘I tried explaining the new numbers to them a few months ago, but I could tell they weren’t listening,’ said Little Bobby.

‘No one understands it. The local photographer got Me, Dezzo and Brooky jumping into the air, celebrating our grade one’s,’ added Little Bobby.