Harry exhausted after telling all the baby staff what to do

harry yawnBritain's Prince Harry, right. attempts to stifle a yawn, watched by his father Prince Charles, and aunt, Princess Anne, outside Buckingham Palace in London Tuesday, June 4, 2002, during celebrations marking The Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. (AP Photo/Frank Barrett, pool)

Prince Harry has had his first exhausting night of telling all the staff how to look after his new born baby.

Harry was reportedly up until after 10 ‘clock giving out instructions to the Royal Nurses, the official Royal milk tits, and the nappy changer.

Harry was woken this morning at 8am to be told that the first night had been thoroughly exhausting.

‘Fatherhood is the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced,’ said Harry.

‘I hope that Meghan, myself and all the staff can do it,’ he added.