‘I was hoping to be a Lord,’ says disappointed Tom

FILE PHOTO: Former British Army Officer Captain Tom Moore looks at a spitfire and hurricane from RAF Coningsby that fly over his house as part of celebration of his 100th birthday and a gesture of appreciation for his fundraising achievements for the NHS, in Bedfordshire, Britain, April 30, 2020. Emma Sohl/Capture the Light Photography/Handout via REUTERS

Captain Tom Moore has talked of his devastation in discovering that he will only receive a knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Moore told Cutting News that if he’d have known this in advance he wouldn’t have bothered walking around his garden.

Moore added that meeting Michael Ball had been the real low point of the whole experience.

‘Big deal. I’m a ‘Sir,’ just like Jimmy Saville,’ said Moore.

‘I’m not walking round the garden again, fuck that,’ he added.