Is ‘Brian’ a strong enough name for a quality storm, asks Britain?


The British people are demanding that storm ‘Brian’ be given a more authoritative name, if he’s to be taken seriously.

British people will largely be ignoring storm warnings, believing Brian to be a little bit blowy at best, possibly quite wheezy, and probably in need of an inhaler by lunch time.

Local weather watcher, Peter Thape is demanding that the storm be renamed Storm Zeus, otherwise he’ll just go back to watching back to back episodes of Midsomer Murders on ITV 3.

‘Brian? It’s pathetic. I just keep picturing the snail on Magic Roundabout,’ said Thape.

‘I bet there won’t even be a puddle on the driveway. There’s always a puddle on the driveway, even in the summer. Gypos,’ added Thape.