ISIS completely thrown by exploding laptop ban

laptop on planelaptop on plane

Leading terrorist group, ISIS have admitted that their plans to blow up a plane have been defeated by the ban on using a laptop when flying from eight specific countries.

Speaking to a sizeable gathering of journalists, ISIS spokesman, Peter Al-Shebab Thape admitted that the ban had completed ruined their quest for a worldwide caliphate.

Al-Shebab Thape further explained that exploding laptops could not be employed from one of the other 238 countries, or 970 airports not included in the ban.

‘Our employees are creatures of comfort, and only ever travel from the 10 specific airports named in the ban,’ admitted Al-Shebab Thape.

‘They use the same airlines because of the peanuts, and the boiled sweets that they hand out, just before you blow yourself up,’ added Al-Shebab Thape.