Learner drivers hoping to sweat on a whole new level


Learner drivers are hoping to bring sweating to a new level, after being told that the government would like them to learn to drive on the motorway.

Learners will need to quickly learn the intricacies of driving and braking at mental speed, avoiding falling asleep, and the rule about BMW drivers being allowed to pass when they flash their headlights.

Learner Peter Thape (18) is planning to reach the end of the acceleration lane, put on his handbrake, place the vehicle into first gear, and join the motorway when it is safe to do so.

‘I’m hoping to make the sweat that’s pouring down my back completely fill my arse crack,’ said Thape.

‘Learners on the motorway will also be a welcome boost to the the flagging car body shop industry,’ added Thape.