‘Leaving the rubbish tip’ voted as man’s greatest pleasure


The feeling of emerging from a municipal rubbish tip, having offloaded years of hoarded nonsense, has been voted best feeling ever in a new Channel Four poll.

The Channel Four programme, which airs on Tuesday at 8 pm, counts down a list of the top 100 best feelings ever. Leaving the tip finished ahead of ‘Seeing a first child born,’ with ‘Winning the National Lottery’ finishing third.

Peter Thape (41) went to the tip this morning, and offloaded half a bag of soil, two bricks, and a child’s broken tricycle, all of which had sat at the side of his house for three years.

‘I drove away from that tip 10 feet tall. It might be as happy as I’ve ever felt,’ said Thape.

‘Course, it helped that I’d slung away that broken laptop jammed with porn, too,’ added Thape.