Liam Gallagher on the lookout for more commemorative death gigs to launch his new single


Singer, Liam Gallagher is hoping that London might mark the tragic deaths of those killed by terrorists with a concert, so that he can play his brand new single again.

Former Oasis frontman, Gallagher screamed his debut solo single, Wall of Glass at the 50,000 strong Manchester Bomb fundraising crowd, last night.

20 year old local music fan, Murial Hislop was in the Old Trafford crowd, and was understandably thrilled to see Gallagher sing at the emotional event.

‘If ever there was a Hey Jude moment for him to sing Wonderwall, or Don’t Look Back in Anger – this was it,’ said Hislop.

‘Thought he read the situation well, choosing to sing his new single instead,’ added Hislop.