Londoners furious after being told they have to stop the car after knocking someone over


Londoners have reacted angrily to the news that they are no longer allowed to just run people over and leave them for dead, after four separate drivers knocked over the same woman outside Tulse Hill train station.

Drivers are organising a midnight candlelit vigil in support of London driving, highlighting the importance of driving aggressively, changing lane without notice, and getting everywhere very, very quickly.

Peter Thape from Dulwich has The London Look, and likes to drive like he’s delivering a transplant kidney in a film, even when he’s just taking the kids to the park.

‘We’re from London, and we’re very important. We’re busy. We’ve got places to go, and money to make,’ said Thape.

‘If a couple of people get caught under the wheels, they probably weren’t up to the job,’ added Thape.