Man arrested at hotel for abusing breakfast buffet


A Shropshire man is being held in custody today on a charge of ‘Under eating breakfast’ at the Premier Lodge on the A579.

Peter Thape (33) was stopped as he tried to leave the hotel, having only consumed 2 eggs on toast and a fruit juice. Thape had reportedly spent an average amount of time in the dining hall, but still only visited the free buffet on one occasion. Thape reported no stomach cramping, didn’t take a half-way point toilet break, or steal mini blueberry muffins as he left. Murial Hislop was at an adjacent table.

‘I asked him if he was ok, explained the rules and everything. He said he was fine,’ said Hislop.

‘Mental. I mean, I won’t need to eat again until March. There’s got to be some benefit to staying in a hotel on an industrial estate,’ Hislop added.