Man foolishly believes wife who said…‘Let’s not do anything this year for Valentine’s Day.’


A man can’t seem to work out why his wife is so upset having picked-up on her suggestion not to do anything for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Peter Thape heard his wife telling her friend that Valentine’s Day was…just a scam, invented by the greetings card industry, used to fill the commercial void between Christmas, and Easter.

Thape’s wife then added that…she felt sorry for those couples that pandered to the herd-like need to belong to a broken society that saw couples needlessly gorge in restaurants, outside of which, homeless people were sitting.

‘I cancelled the restaurant booking, which I thought she’d really appreciate,’ said Thape.

‘But she didn’t. She just went quiet. And now I’m wondering if I should go to five-aside at all tonight?’ asked Thape.