Man not sharing the same excitement about going to Bettys Tea Rooms


A man from Blackburn doesn’t appear to be as enthusiastic as his wife is, about today’s bank holiday Afternoon Tea trip to Bettys Tea Rooms.

Peter Thape (41), who will be funding the scone and small pots of tea extravaganza, has reminded his wife that the café at Morrison’s is definitely open if she’s desperate to go out.

Thape had planned to spend the bank holiday catching up on Saturday’s fight, or possibly applying the recently bought Turtle Wax to his car, if the weather allowed.

‘Suppose it’ll cost a fortune, just to sit in Bettys looking at the kids, with their earphones plugged in,’ said Thape.

‘How good can it be? You can get 10 scones for 49p at Morrison’s,’ added Thape