Man now strong enough to open bottle of Aldi milk


A Portsmouth body-builder believes that he now has enough strength to attempt the fantastical feat of unscrewing the lid off a bottle of Aldi’s 2.2 litre milk.

Strongman, Peter Thape (33) who recently pulled a tractor along the beach with his teeth, and next week hopes to lift a primary school into the air, has announced that he will unscrew the milk bottle lid next January.

Thape has worked hard on his hand and wrist muscles, and toughened up his finger skin following his failed attempt in 2016, which unceremoniously stripped the flesh from his digits.

‘I didn’t want to take this on, but I believe World’s Strongest Man are set to include 7 Aldi milks in a row,’ said Thape.

‘It will be nice to eat breakfast cereal again,’ added Thape.