Man reconsiders being stabbed, after he gets a splinter


A Warwickshire man, who has secretly wondered whether or not he could survive a stabbing or shooting, has adjusted his expectations after a small splinter nearly made him pass out.

Peter Thape (43) from Rugby has watched hundreds of fictional woundings on television over the years, whilst dreamily speculating upon how he would fair in similar circumstances. But Thape has now admitted that he might not leap up and disarm his attacker, as he’d originally thought, after a 1 mm splinter pierced the end of his finger, leaving him in so much pain that he barely remained conscious.

‘Very thick gloves could be an answer, in case I get stabbed or shot in my finger,’ said Thape.

‘I could probably still take a gunshot to the body though; probably just get up and run away to safety,’ added Thape.