Max Clifford’s publicist maintains that Clifford is just ‘resting his eyes’

maxPublicist Max Clifford, arriving at Southwark Crown Court where he is to be sentenced for a string of indecent assaults.

The publicist for jailed sex-case Max Clifford has claimed that Clifford is simply asleep, and has not died at all.

Publicist, Peter Thape explained that his client is currently on holiday for eight years, with the possibility of returning after four years, for good behaviour.

Thape added that Clifford was unable to comment at the moment, because he was busy building orphanages in war-hit areas, digging wells for the thirsty, and feeding lepers his own humble supplies.

‘Max is a gentleman. A true example of hope in this awful world,’ said Thape.

‘He would be horrified by the fake news that he has died,’ added Thape.