Men told to dress more sexily at work

workNEW YORK-MAY 3, 2008: Wedding of Wen-Ting Michelle Kan and Stephen Chien at Gary's Loft. ©Radhika Chalasani

Employers who have been encouraging female staff to dress provocatively at work have addressed the issue by equally asking men to wear more alluring apparel.

From Monday, office men will be asked to loosen their ties, perhaps pop a button or two, and reveal a little more of their décolletage when going into business meetings. Although short skirts will not be encouraged, mankinis, elephant trunk underpants, and sturdy boots will become the norm for tough negotiations. Peter Thape (29) has recently started work at compensation specialists, Bradstone Brooks.

‘The boss pulled me to one side, and quietly told me that my trousers were a little long,’ said Thape.

‘He told me not to be so shy about showing off what God had given me, pointing at my you-know-whats,’ added Thape.