Most people wondering how the new pound coin will fit into a supermarket trolley

pound coinpound coin

With only days until the release of the new 12-sided pound coin, Britain’s everywhere are staring nervously at the little pound slot on supermarket trolleys.

The public are spending an average of 5-6 hours per day thinking about pound coin related problems – vending machines, parking meters, gym lockers etc, and wondering why there isn’t a body of engineers patrolling the country, and recalibrating the nation’s machines. Supermarket customer, Peter Thape remembers a similar problem in 1984 when the pound note was replaced by the pound coin.

‘’84, yeah, remember it. Tried to get my pound note into the trolley slot at Aldi, but no joy,’ said Thape.

‘I stood there for four months in the end. I was really hungry,’ added Thape.