Mums not quite sure what to make for tea


Tonight’s Boxing Day dinner has been voted The most difficult meal to decide what to make, in a new Channel Four poll.

The Channel Four programme, which airs on Tuesday at 8 pm, counts down a list of the top 100 most difficult meals to decide what to cook, and Boxing day finished first, ahead of the August Bank Holiday, with that Sunday when you come back from Alton Towers finishing third. Mum, Murial Hislop (37) faces the dilemma of flipping open the trusty baked beans, or trying to make the crusty left overs stretch.

‘It’s one of those days where whatever I make, they’re just going to sit and stare at it,’ said Hislop

‘I’ve got to do something, the kids didn’t really have any lunch either, and Bobby’s had 8 Twix’s,’ added Hislop.