New motorway bins causing congestion, as drivers slow down to recycle


The highways agency have been heavily criticised for introducing bins on the side of the motorway, after conscientious motorists slowed down to separate plastics, paper and garden refuse.

The approach to bins on the M6 have seen tailbacks of up to 12 miles, as environmentally-educated drivers juggle with the ongoing debate over whether yoghurt pots go into the plastics bin, or the general waste.

Motorway driver, Peter Thape is also unsure about the success of the new bins after finding himself in a pickle over whether his grass and rose bush cuttings should go into the same container that his little food composting bin is emptied into.

‘The bins are not a bad idea, as I believe that cleaning the motorway usually costs about £40 per bag of rubbish,’ said Thape.

‘To help with the savings, I’ve offered to sell them my rubbish for £35 a bag, but no one’s got back to me yet,’ added Thape.