New sun lounger booking system unaffected by ongoing famine in South Sudan


Those people who were worried that the ongoing famine in South Sudan may slow down the development of a sun lounger booking system have been reassured by today’s sunbed news.  

Holidaymaker, Peter Thape has been worried sick that Famine, Human Right’s abuse, and Female Genital Mutilation would all detract from the desperate need to sort out the sunbed by-the-pool problem.

But Thape can rest easy today, after discovering that experts have got together to resolve an issue that has dogged countless sunbathing experiences for British people abroad.

‘Shall we get up early? Shall we lay towels down? Can we beat the Germans? – it can completely dominate a holiday,’ said a relieved Thape.

‘The tension, and anxiety are just overwhelming. Thank God that people have got their heads together to sort out this terrible problem,’ added Thape.