Newspaper tells us ‘All coons smell!’


A number of leading newspapers are using sensational headlines, like the above, to tease potential customers into buying and reading their publications.

But an industry whistle blower has revealed that the headline is sometimes deliberately misleading or provocative with the intention of spiking the reader’s interest. Peter Thape used to write headlines for Fleet Street before leaving the industry for a role at Whipsnade Zoo, and he believes that the headline is characteristic of an industry that he’s pleased to have left behind.

‘This is the simple question of whether the raccoon locates food through its sense of smell or vibrations that stimulate the extended whiskers on the muzzle,’ said Thape

‘The answer is of course that ‘all coons smell,’ but the headline suggests that raccoons give off an unpleasant odour. Typical, I’m glad to be out of that world. Scum, just scum,’ added Thape.