Nigel Farage to have ‘Mister’ taken away from the front of his name

sad faragesad farage

Calls for Nigel Farage to be knighted, or made a Lord, have led to counter claims to have ‘Mister,’ and even ‘Nigel’ withdrawn, so that he should just be known as Farage.

Former commodity broker, Farage, who has successfully whipped up the proletariat into a frenzy about brown people, has divided his own supporters about his award of a potential peerage. Peter Thape (43) is a proud, uneducated racist, who would happily fight you for glancing in his direction by accident, but he believes that Mr. Farage should simply be known as Farage from now on.

‘There was disquiet about immigration, and Farage jumped into the political void and roused the masses,’ said a surprisingly well-informed Peter Thape.

‘He’s not one of us. He’s like the little boy that told a lie, and now he can’t stop,’ added Thape.