Odds slashed on Harvey Weinstein becoming President


The rapey, misogynistic, behaviour of sex pest Harvey Weinstein is beginning to attract a good deal of interest from Washington’s elite, as plans are put in place for a run at the Presidency.

Capitol Hill Insider, Peter Thape believes that Weinstein has all the qualities of a modern day President, and could easily get into the White House with the right team around him.

Thape expects a decent media team to turn these sex stories with beautiful girls to the president-elect’s advantage, and with the promise of more jobs for the low paid, Weinstein is more or less a shoo-in.

‘Half the country either won’t believe the stories, or be able to spell the word…rape; 50% is all we need,’ admitted Thape.

‘Maybe throw in a derogatory speech about brown people, and we’re looking at four more years,’ added Thape.