Ofcom prosecute shopkeeper for coming off his phone

pakistani men in a shopshop

The telephone regulator, Ofcom are prosecuting a shop owner who was found not to be using his mobile phone whilst serving behind the counter during regular opening hours.

Ofcom’s strict policy instructs shopkeepers to talk on their phone continually whilst the shop remains open. A five minute break is permitted per hour, to move warmer cans of Diet Coke to the front of the fridge. The complaint came from Peter Thape (41) who stumbled upon the freak moment as he purchased a four-year-old onion from the emergency vegetable section.

‘It was quite surreal. He said Hello, and we more or less had a conversation. I felt very uneasy – reported him straightaway.’ Thape said.

‘I’ve got used to him mumbling the price out of the side of his phone conversation, and just waving to me. I certainly hope we don’t speak again,’ added Thape.