‘Oh yeah…we did kill a journalist, now I think about it,’ say Saudis


Remembering who you’ve killed in the last two weeks can often be tricky stuff, but Saudi Arabia have finally remembered killing the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.

Saudi consul, Peter Al-Shebab Thape recalls the journalist coming into his Istanbul embassy and getting involved in an altercation.

But Al-Shebab Thape only has a vague memory of Khashoggi’s head popping straight off after an argument with a colleague.

‘It was nearly two weeks ago now; you can’t remember everything that happens, can you,’ said Al-Shebab Thape.

‘I was just brushing my teeth last night, and I thought…yeah, I remember that guy just dying, and us cutting up his body and hiding it,’ added Al-Shebab Thape.