‘Ok, so I’ve just realised that I’ve written 2017 on the last 300 things I’ve filled in,’ admits woman


A woman who’s written down the date today as 08/01/18, and suddenly thinks it looks a little strange, has realised that she’s been writing 2017 for the last week on everything she’s filled in.

Team leader, Murial Hislop (33) is desperately trying to go through all her work of last week and find her mistakes, before they come back to embarrass her.

To make it worse, Hislop has discovered that she’s written 2018 on everything she did on January 2nd, but then reverted to 2017 since then.

‘I don’t understand it. I made a real effort to write down 2017, as if that was the actual new year,’ said Hislop.

‘What happened to me? Have I lost 12 months, somewhere?’ added Hislop.