Paedophile ring running scared of the alphabet police

runcorn signruncorn sign

The previously undetected paedophile ring of Runcorn are considering handing themselves in, as police meticulously work their way through the alphabet towards them.

With convictions now secured against Rochdale and Rotherham, Runcorn are understandably feeling the heat. Unconfirmed reports have suggested that Ruislip, in West London may have already fallen, and that pederasts in Rugby are looking equally nervous. Peter Thape is Chairman of the National Society for Paedophiles.

‘The only place where our members might be safe is Queensbury. I think it will take the police sometime to come round to Q again,’ said Thape.

‘Queensbury in London, mind. Not the one near Bradford! Good God, the police are sweeping the north. Heaven help us,’ added a concerned Thape.