‘Parkinson’s? We never saw that coming,’ says Ozzy’s Doctor

BERLIN - JULY 08: British singer Ozzy Osbourne attends a signing session to promote his new album 'Scream' at the Alexa shopping mall on July 8, 2010 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Anita Bugge/WireImage)

Ozzy Osbourne’s doctor has admitted that he never saw any signs that Ozzy may potentially have Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Peter Thape, who has been Osbourne’s private physician for over 30 years, told Cutting News that the news of the illness hit them both like a bolt out of the blue.  

Doctor Thape commended Osbourne for hiding the illness so well over the years, and defying science with his symptom hiding tactics.

‘He was like a conjuror, hiding any symptoms that way,’ said Thape.

‘I wondered if maybe he just had a cold,’ added the doctor.