Picture found of 80’s fireman with no moustache


A photograph of a fireman from the 1980’s has been found, in which the firefighter appears to have no moustache.

The photo is currently being guarded, and cannot be released until the man has been contacted and safely relocated. The announcement of the rare print has brought several ex-fireman into the public gaze, who all claim to have wanted to be moustache-free in the job, but were not able to take on the union at the time. Fireman, Peter Thape (56) was very heavily moustached in 1984, against his will.

‘You could still work in the emergency services then, even without one, (moustache) but they made you drive an ambulance,’ said Thape

‘I thought we all looked ridiculous, like we were in the YMCA video. But you had to keep that stuff quiet then,’ added Thape.