Queen shows empty NatWest account to get bogus Housing Benefit claim in


The Queen has sent the Benefits Agency a photocopy of her shitty NatWest account with only 80p in, leaving her eligible for a Housing Benefit claim.

The Queen has a history of blagging the Social over the years, with loads of emergency loans, getting paid cash-in-hand, and receiving child benefit for a fifth child that she never had.

But the Queen’s new Housing Benefit scam, which will now be paid under one single payment known as Universal Credit, comes off the back of a failed single person’s allowance application, after a guy called Phil was discovered at the same address.

‘I buy loads of shit with the extra money. Tinned crab, proper filters for me rollies. That extra few quid makes a real difference,’ said The Queen.

‘You’ve got to get what you can from these Tories. Mind you, it was no better under Labour,’ added Her Royal Highness, The Queen.